Project Studies

Engineering Project Studies Showcase the Quality of Our Work

The proof of the skills and intense focus available at Neuhalfen Engineering is available through these engineering project studies, which explore several topics that are directly relevant to our areas of expertise. These studies and engineering analyses provide insight into the quality of work produced by our team for law firms, companies that are seeking product liability work, insurance companies, and related businesses.

NEC offers a unique combination of Electrical Engineering and Materials Science Consultation on a variety of Technical Related Projects:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Materials Science
  • Litigation Investigative Services
  • Electrical Arc Blast / Shock / Electrocution
  • Electrical Fire Origin & Cause
  • Intellectual Property Evaluations and Assessments
  • Microelectronic Module / Component / Materials Evaluations
  • Product Safety & Liability Analysis
  • Reliability & Performance Testing
  • Expert Witness Services